Stationery & Peripherals


We offer a wide range of stationery and computer peripherals, for home, office and school use. From your basic pens and pencils to more specialised stationery for office and home. We are also now registered resellers for Dala Art Supplies, which include paint, canvases, paint brushes, sketch pads in 4 sizes and other great art and craft peripherals. We offer a range of paper and card all the way up to A1 in size, in various colours. Our paper products dont stop there, we have duplicate and triplicate books, envelopes and many other books and products. 


We stock a range of cables and accessories for use with computers, from your standard USB mouse and keyboard to cds, dvds, cleaning kits and speakers. We stock the more commonly used printer cartridges, but are able to order in just about any cartridge that you may require. Our pricing is very competitive and have found several clients have commented on the fact that our prices beat those offered by leading stationery stores.